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I’m Jorge Pozo,
expert in SEO and digital marketing

I can help you grow your online business with personalized strategies of online marketing and web positioning.

I design personalised marketing strategies to place your website in the top positions of search engines such as Google, differentiating you from your competitors and making your customers come to you.



  • Ad and campaigns management in Facebook ads

  • Comprehensive plan of social media

  • Community manager services

  • SEO On-Page: Optimisation

  • Online reputation

  • Customer service in social media

  • Management with influencers

  • Ad and campaigns management in other social media

  • Opinion management


  • Strategy and writing for blogs

  • Writing web content

  • Inbound marketing


  • Web positioning in Google

  • SEO Consulting

  • SEO Off-Page: Linkbuilding

  • SEO On-Page: Optimisation

  • Web positioning: SEO for online stores

  • Geo positioning: Geographic SEO

  • Internacional SEO


  • Consulting to sell on Amazon

  • Web design and development

  • Growth Hacking services

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I haver over than 12 years of experience in online marketing and advertising. I have helped more than 100 clients to position their web pages.

“I have worked with Jorge to position my website and enable actions for networks and the result has been great. Very professional, with great knowledge of the sector and the digital environment. Of course, I recommend his services”

Begoña Núñez Ruíz, Mamá mi sol

“From day one we understood that success on the Internet is the result of day-to-day work on the website. Jorge has been doing constant work for years in this sense”

Fernando Cividanes, Mariskito

“Jorge is a proactive person with extensive knowledge of web positioning. We have worked with him on different occasions and always with great and important results.”

Enrique Sanjurjo, Funditesa Sanjurjo

“In an ’impersonal’ world such as e-commerce, it is as difficult as it is important to have close collaborators and to be linked to your project. From the first moment Jorge Pozo took our company and worked it as his own, taking it from scratch and marking the guidelines of what we are today. I would like to highlight the dedication and attention that we have from his team. Any possible doubt or suggestion is resolved immediately.”

“Jorge and his team apply updated SEO techniques getting the best positions for our website. I consider him a great professional.”

Carlos Ferreiro, Gerente de Comenza

Work method

If you are one of those who think that allocating resources to marketing is throwing money is because you do not know the true benefits of an effective online marketing strategy, made by a true professional who knows what he does and uses all the resources at his disposal.

Delegate to me your online marketing functions and I will help you position your website, get more customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


We will define the objectives of your business
We will know the current situation of your company
We will think about where you want to go and what to do to achieve it
We will study your competitors
We will carry out an action plan to fulfil all your short, medium and long term goals with the established budget
We will know your resources and we will take advantage of them
I will guide and inform you all the way

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